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Byzantine Private CIA
Vatican Shadow
Byzantine Private CIA
Hospital Productions
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August 2019
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Under the guise of Vatican Shadow, Dominick Fernow mines an earlier vein of dissent dating back to the dawn of industrial music and noise experimentation; an irreverent, downcast provocation of the status quo. Back in 2010, Fernow took aim at the military interventions of US foreign policy with three exceedingly hard to find tapes — Byzantine Private CIA, Mural of Saddam and Yemeni Commandos. Here they are, recollected and released on vinyl for the first time. While the nation glorified in post-9/11 jingoism and bullish triumphalism, Fernow re-contextualised the supposed march of progress into a bricolage of post-Muslimgauze anti-New Age and constant looming drones.

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  1. 1 Deny Military Involvement 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  2. 2 Archbishop 911 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  3. 3 Cairo Sword Unsheathed 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  4. 4 Gunmen With Silencer 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  5. 5 Schwarzkopf Arc Of Triumph 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  6. 6 Saddam Statue Conspiracy 1:21 Vatican Shadow
  7. 7 USM1A1 Abrams Exhaust Rises Between The Hands Of Victory 1:20 Vatican Shadow
  8. 8 Shadow War In Yemen 2:00 Vatican Shadow
  9. 9 Asymmetric Warfare Studies Group Double Game 2:00 Vatican Shadow

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