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Your Need
Kedr Livanskiy
Your Need
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May 2019
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Shooting into stardom overnight can be a burden — such was the case for Kedr Livanskiy. With a debut album that made her the artist on everybody’s lips in the burgeoning Russian electronic scene, Livanskiy began to lose her sense of self. Her second LP Your Need is a story of rediscovery, as the musician takes on a new collaborator, St. Petersburg beat maker Zhenya, and begins infusing her electronic pop with the experimentalism of krautrock and ambient music. The result is a marvel of modern pop music, electrified by surges of techno and dance.

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  1. 1 Your Need (твоя беда) 3:27 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  2. 2 Sky Kisses (на танцполе) 3:12 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  3. 3 Why Love (зачем любовь) 2:37 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  4. 4 Lugovoy 3:25 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  5. 5 Bounce 2 3:20 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  6. 6 Kiska (киска) 3:46 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  7. 7 Your Need (Deep Mix) (не должен) 3:36 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  8. 8 LED (лёд) 2:52 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  9. 9 City Track 2:29 Kedr Livanskiy Buy
  10. 10 Ivan Kupala (New Day) (Иван купала) 3:35 Kedr Livanskiy Buy

Kedr Livanskiy


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