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Berghain 09
Various Artists
Berghain 09
Ostgut Ton
Catalogue Number
O-Ton 119 digital
Release Date
March 2019
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Dress to impress and prepare to be turned away at the door, here comes another Berghain mix! As the club’s resident DJ since 2017, Dominick Fernow - aka Vatican Shadow, Prurient, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, and countless other aliases - takes his 25-plus years of experience as an experimental noise musician and turns in a surprisingly snappy mix of the infectious and the insidious. Released as a double LP, Berghain 09 features darkly pulsing cuts from similarly brooding artists like Genesis P-Orridge, Virile Games and Los Angeles Death Cult. The release also contains a number of edited Merzbow tracks with a locked groove on each. These loops can go all night — or at least for as long as it takes to induce auditory hallucinations.

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  1. 1 Ritual Music 1:30 Genesis P-Orridge Buy
  2. 2 Black Iron Prison 4:48 Virile Games Buy
  3. 3 El Culto De Los Angeles De La Muerte 6:00 Los Angeles Death Cult Buy
  4. 4 Colts Neck 6:41 Ron Morelli Buy
  5. 5 Becoming 7:04 Volvox Buy
  6. 6 Decontrol 5:54 JK Flesh Buy
  7. 7 Werkstatt 5:19 Alberich Buy
  8. 8 Venom Timetables 4:13 Ugandan Methods / Prurient Buy
  9. 9 Loop 1 1:02 Merzbow Buy
  10. 10 Loop 2 0:54 Merzbow Buy
  11. 11 Loop 3 0:54 Merzbow Buy
  12. 12 Loop 4 0:59 Merzbow Buy
  13. 13 One Being, One Orientation, One Power 2:56 Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Buy

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