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Rediscovered and expanded from a series of cassette-only releases, ex-Liquid Liquid percussionist and marimba player Dennis Young’s fabulously explorative ambient works arrive on vinyl for the first time. Sojourn / Release, restored by South Korean label Daehan Electronics with help from the artist, is a placid summer’s evening of a record, full of warm analogue tones and searching spoken word snippets, with a deep cadence of the ancient about it.

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  1. 1 Creating Peace 0:33 Dennis Young
  2. 2 Heartsong 0:43 Dennis Young
  3. 3 Fantasia 0:46 Dennis Young
  4. 4 Magic Forest 0:37 Dennis Young
  5. 5 Mt Fuji 0:33 Dennis Young
  6. 6 Ancient Past 0:51 Dennis Young
  7. 7 Journey To Ixltan 0:58 Dennis Young
  8. 8 Trio 0:43 Dennis Young
  9. 9 Road To Glory (Apollo Missions) 0:36 Dennis Young
  10. 10 So Far... 0:36 Dennis Young

Dennis Young

Daehan Electronics

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