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Kim Byoung Duk
Experiment No. X
Daehan Electronics
Catalogue Number
DE 001
Release Date
April 13, 2018

Growing up in the bustling port city of Busan and running his own record shop there from the late ‘70s, Kim Byoung Duk had a front-row seat to the finest in foreign record imports and a taste for the psychedelic that naturally evolved into spiritual, ambient and avant-garde sounds. His growing interest in Tao philosophy and the meditative music that accompanied it provided a fertile environment for his audio imagination. Unhampered by limited access to musical gear, he made use of a wide assortment of self-sourced pots of various sizes and curvature, cymbals, wooden sculpted flutes and percussion tools—each chosen for its unique harmonic vibration—to create an entirely new and unique body of work.

'Experiment No. X' retraces the oeuvre of Kim Byoung Duk, assembling tracks from 'Experiment No. 2', 'Pot Concerto' and 'New Trilogy', illustrating a meditative journey from the freeness of the Tao sound, in the borders of ambient music and the avant-garde, to later groove-oriented jams which introduce rhythmic elements to the palate.

This fully licensed release is the first collection of Kim Byoung Duk's music, remastered from the original tapes and including for the first time on vinyl songs from the very scarce CD 'New Morning'. Includes four-page booklet with photographs and an interview from Kim's personal archives.

Daehan Electronics

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