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The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often is the debut release from Reto A Ichi, otherwise known as Prefuse 73. Using the hallmarks of his classic Warp recordings as a jumping off point, The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often explores the street level sounds and daily hustle and bustle of his life within the city that never sleeps...

Describing the album as music born from the need for silence, The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often is the sound of life 'as heard from a small Chinatown window in downtown Manhattan, the thunder of populism on the horizon'. Using the urban sprawl of NYC as a guide and means of transportation, we are taken on a journey through 26 tracks that range from beat-heavy electronica to more introverted library and incidental sounds. Leaving the pent-up tension of the city behind in favour of ambient escapism, The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often feels like the most personal recordings from Prefuse to date. His skill at crafting deeply moving beats conveys rushes of emotions and sweeping melancholy before turning toward a sense of soaring hope that ensures we are not left alone, lost in the vastness of the city.

A beautifully composed album that will ignite the interest of long-term fans while reshaping the Reto A Ichi project into new, excellently created modes of modern classic experimentation.

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  1. 1 These Times Are Closing Intro 1:20 Reto A Ichi Buy
  2. 2 Gambling in the Snow 4:06 Reto A Ichi Buy
  3. 3 Let the Pianos Freeze 3:19 Reto A Ichi Buy
  4. 4 No Juntos 3:33 Reto A Ichi Buy
  5. 5 It's Her Birthday 2:54 Reto A Ichi Buy
  6. 6 A Sword in the Rain 3:30 Reto A Ichi Buy
  7. 7 Zato Lullaby Pt. 2 3:23 Reto A Ichi Buy
  8. 8 All Regrets 2:38 Reto A Ichi Buy
  9. 9 The Leaning Tower of Our Leaders 2:51 Reto A Ichi Buy
  10. 10 Tuesday Always Awful 2:54 Reto A Ichi Buy
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