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Another year, another Pop Ambient. If you’re unfamiliar with the format, the lay of the land is this - around this time every year, the people at Kompakt take a break from releasing techno records (broadly speaking) to indulge their love of ambient music. The resulting Pop Ambient compilations have become something of a yin to the yang of the rest of the label’s output. This latest instalment, Pop Ambient 2019, is perhaps the most gorgeous collection of tracks they’ve released yet. The Eno-indebted synth pastures of entries like Leandro Fresco’s ‘Arana De Vidrio’ and Thore Pfeiffer’s ‘Alles Wird Gut’ are simply breathtaking.

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  1. 1 Alles Wird Gut 6:33 Thore Pfeiffer Buy
  2. 2 A Plain Of Reeds 5:53 Coupler Buy
  3. 3 The Uncertainty Principle 5:04 The Black Frame Buy
  4. 4 Gone Too Soon 5:41 Kenneth James Gibson Buy
  5. 5 Schien Immer (feat. Maria Estrella) 10:10 Morgen Wurde Buy
  6. 6 Rot 2 6:14 Gregor Schwellenbach Buy
  7. 7 Bluebird 5:42 Last Train To Brooklyn Buy
  8. 8 Zweitens (feat. Luis Reichard) 6:13 Max Wurden Buy
  9. 9 Karenina 5:16 Thomas Fehlmann Buy
  10. 10 Arana De Vidrio 5:10 Leandro Fresco Buy
  11. 11 Cromo 3 3:12 Yui Onodera Buy
  12. 12 Adren 5:06 Triola Buy
  13. 13 Core 7:13 Max Wurden Buy
  14. 14 Pop Ambient 2019 (continuous Mix) 72:45 Various Artists


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