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About us

Founded by Warp Records in January 2004, Bleep are your dedicated online independent record shop accessible anytime, anywhere. We sell music in all formats such as vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and digital including 24 bit WAV files, as well as limited exclusives and a wide range of merchandise.

More than just an online music retailer, Bleep stands for a commitment to inspiring and creative artists; and underground culture. The artists and labels we champion echo our own identity across the years: unique, adventurous and, above all, independent.

Bleep Exclusives

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Our vast and eclectic catalogue — including Warp Records, Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Mute, Ninja Tune, Livity Sound, Central Processing Unit, Tresor, Stones Throw and AD 93 — ships to customers worldwide. We take pride in our plastic-free packaging and have 20 years of experience shipping records worldwide.

Our dedicated curators seek out only the most innovative and interesting music unbound by the perimeters of genre or format, by both established artists and emerging talent. You’ll find your forward-thinking electronic producers, vintage Detroit techno as well as rare and reissued LPs. We bring you a hand-picked selection of music all for your listening pleasure.

Albums of the Week

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Meanwhile, in the physical world, we have collaborated with festivals such as Sonar, Field Day and BLOC. In Winter 2018, we branched out into brick and mortar with Bleep X transforming an old nail salon in Dalston, East London into a pop-up shop, during which we partnered with The Wire Magazine, Resident Advisor and Aphex Twin to name a few. Bleep also hosted a regular show on London-based online radio station NTS, featuring guest spots from groundbreaking musicians and producers.

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