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Welcome to the Bleep Weekly Roundup, our guide to the best new releases. Our album of the week is 'Be Up A Hello' by Squarepusher, a phenomenal record that is up there with the very best of his extensive discography. Our EP of the week comes from Tryphème on Central Processing Unit, who continue their fine run of must-have records.

Elsewhere there is a fantastic new Laura Lies In release by the Tara Clerkin Trio, otherworldly sounds via Tongues of Light, Donato Dozzy goes minimal wave with under their Men With Secrets moniker, a bunch a great cassettes on The Tapeworm including a belter from Iceman Junglist Kru, Smagghe & Cross on Offen Music, Omar Souleyman on Mad Decent and a new release on the ever-exciting Principe by PML Beatz.

Be sure to check our set of African Head Charge reissues on On-U Sound, the Noton Himekuri Calendar, a new bunch of Studio Ghibli soundtracks released on vinyl for the first time, and the remaining stock from our Exclusive Bleep Advent Series.

There are releases back in stock from Varg, EDMX and Alien featuring a B12 remix, pre-order's from Alessandro Cortini & Daniel Avery, The Fear Ratio and Little Dragon, plus be sure to catch the last of our January Sale that finishes at 00:00 on Saturday 1st Feb.

Album of the Week

  • Be Up A Hello
    Be Up A Hello
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    January 2020
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    With all orders of Be Up A Hello you will receive in your account an instant download of:

    • Squarepusher’s NTS Mix 22-06-19
    • Vicsynth1.3 Test Track 1
    • Vortrack Fracture Remix

    Having spent the past few years focussing on his group Shobaleader One, Thomas Jenkinson returns to the fray under his much-loved Squarepusher guise with Be Up A Hello, Jenkinson’s first LP by that name since 2015’s Damogen Furies.

    Jenkinson might have been making Squarepusher records for well over two decades now, but on the evidence of Be Up A Hello his enthusiasm for the project remains as strong as ever. Even by the maximalist, ultra-energetic standards of a typical Squarepusher album the first half of Be Up A Hello is notably bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Tracks fizz with energy here, their breakbeats careering off each other as Jenkinson spins out assertive chords. ‘Oberlove’ and ‘Hitsonu’, the two cuts which kick off the album, are among the most gleeful tunes Squarepusher has ever made, their chord progressions and synth tones practically glowing with positivity.

    However, the vibe of Be Up A Hello becomes darker and more fraught as it goes on. The record’s later stages pull from the harsh, abrasive sounds of Damogen Furies. Needling acid basslines and frosty keyboards shift the vibe of Jenkinson’s drum programming here - those breakbeats, previously so ecstatic in nature, suddenly start to sound rather nervy.

    Squarepusher’s first LP in four years is another masterclass in breakbeat and leftfield drum ‘n’ bass from the one born Thomas Jenkinson.

    Pre-order Information

    We endeavour to ensure pre-orders reach you on the official release date. The date indicated above is the nearest possible delivery date according to the distributor, and is therefore liable to change at any time in accordance with changes made by the distributor.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Oberlove Squarepusher 3:51 Buy
    2. 2 Hitsonu Squarepusher 4:13 Buy
    3. 3 Nervelevers Squarepusher 5:29 Buy
    4. 4 Speedcrank Squarepusher 5:53 Buy
    5. 5 Detroit People Mover Squarepusher 4:27 Buy
    6. 6 Vortrack Squarepusher 5:27 Buy
    7. 7 Terminal Slam Squarepusher 4:56 Buy
    8. 8 Mekrev Bass Squarepusher 7:11 Buy
    9. 9 80 Ondula Squarepusher 5:45 Buy

Single / EP of the Week

Tryphème’s Aluminia is a record which marks out a new frontier for Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit imprint. While the label has been at the forefront of European electro and IDM for the past few years, rarely has CPU - or, indeed, anyone else - released a set of tunes which simultaneously pay homage to the history of those styles while also updating their sounds in idiosyncratic new ways. While much of Aluminia is built on the sonics of classic genre artists like Boards Of Canada and Eedl, Tryphème’s willingness to play around and innovate gives the record a distinctly modern sensibility akin to Rrose or Sophie.

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