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The Mover unleashes a fresh assault of PCP soaked ambient gabba with his first new album in over fifteen years, the fittingly titled Undetected Act From The Gloom Chamber.

Shapeshifting into the future, The Mover's long-awaited Undetected Act finds Marc Trauner really exploring the electro-current that was a longstanding format within his eternally classic productions that cut across a head squashing splatter of aliases, labels and projects during his original production run. To say The Mover characterized some of the most inwardly focused and terminally ferocious sounds to come out of a hard as nails scene would be an understatement, his influence can be felt across everyone from the legions of PCP nuts who hoovered up his original plates thru to the soon to reach ambient acid sound of The Doubtful Guest.

Shivering with the sort of druggy darkside atmospheres you'd expect to find yourself caught up in during the early hours at one of his 90s gigs, Undetected Act From The Gloom Chamber sets out once again to rebuild techno and gabba into distorted new shapes, a razors edge soundtrack to many intensely iced out nite klub zombie shuffles.

A must check/buy for anyone feeling Nkisi's The Dark Orchestra 12" or classic AFX/Dred Universal Indicator gear.

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  1. 1 Dark Comedown 1:04 The Mover
  2. 2 Stars Collapse 1:16 The Mover
  3. 3 Stealth 1:12 The Mover
  4. 4 Shadow Deception 1:09 The Mover
  5. 5 Calculations 1:16 The Mover
  6. 6 Lost 1:11 The Mover
  7. 7 Doom Computer 1:06 The Mover
  8. 8 Fire Cloud 1:15 The Mover

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