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Back To The Future III
Alan Silverstri
Back To The Future III
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September 2016
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The always essential MONDO imprint work tirelessly, so you don’t have to. Here they have slaved over copyright letters, legal forms, mastering suites, tape reels and lawyer’s meetings to bring you a vinyl trilogy of great music. Ladies and germs, this is Back To The Future III. AS the familiar team go back to the gun totin’ Wild West, the film viewers yawned. Regardless, the OST still sounds great, as regular composer Silvestri brings the U.S West to life though string soaked flourishes and Morricone-lite. Romantic, and truly cinematic, the Train sequence is Silvestri at his best. 27 cues. Heavyweight vinyl. Typical MONDO deluxe presentation with a host of extra goodies for the fans.

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  1. 1 Back To Back/Court House 0:41 Alan Silverstri
  2. 2 Main Title 1:23 Alan Silverstri
  3. 3 Into The Mine/Tombstone 2:00 Alan Silverstri
  4. 4 Warmed Up 0:45 Alan Silverstri
  5. 5 Indians (film version) 0:35 Alan Silverstri
  6. 6 Safe & Sound 0:21 Alan Silverstri
  7. 7 Hill Valley 1:08 Alan Silverstri
  8. 8 The Hanging 0:56 Alan Silverstri
  9. 9 We're Out Of Gas 0:35 Alan Silverstri
  10. 10 There Is No Bridge/Doc To The Rescue   Alan Silverstri
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Alan Silverstri


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