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Battles Repress Bundle
Battles Repress Bundle
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2016
  • Bundle, 6×LP

    • + WAV / FLAC
    • EP C/B EP (2 x LP)
    • Mirrored (2 x LP)
    • Gloss Drop (2 x LP)
    • Includes download cards for each
    • Includes poster inserts for Gloss Drop and Mirrored
    • Instant digital lossless download of all records

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Battles' seminal first two albums Mirrored and Gloss Drop are being given a much needed vinyl reissue, and for the first time ever, a vinyl pressing of the EP C/B EP. The music across these releases spans from 2005 until 2011 and if there ever was a need to, reminds us of just how forward-thinking, yet accessible the group were when they first appeared. These releases have gone on to gain huge admiration from both alternative rock and electronica communities and you will be hard pressed to find an alternative music fan who doesn't recognize tracks like Atlas, Tonto or Ice Cream. Out of print for years and now highly collectible, these classic recordings are being made again for new audiences to enjoy while sure to take space on shelves of long time fans of old who missed them first time around.

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  1. 1 B + T 6:09 Battles
  2. 2 Africastle 5:48 Battles
  3. 3 Race : In 4:50 Battles


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