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Arash Moori
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October 2015
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13 years in the making, Arash Moori releases Heterodyne through Type. As with any complex piece of work, there are a number of reason why it’s taken a while, not least the fact that Moori has been busy literally building the machines that are the makeup of the record’s sonic palette. On hearing Arash’s brand of harsh, oscillating techno and noise – the years spent tucked away in the lab make a lot more sense. Heterodyne is a brand new beast – a burning sting of singular, handcrafted techno.


###Side 1

  1. Heterodyne
  2. Flowers Of Evil
  3. Parasitic Noise
  4. Nerves and Wires 5.Illusory Systems of Broadcast
  5. Ruins

###Side 2

  1. Vomitorium
  2. Possession
  3. Doppelganger
  4. Plasma Arcs 5.Heterodyne II
  5. Tantalum March
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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Heterodyne 3:30 Arash Moori Buy
  2. 2 Flowers Of Evil 1:23 Arash Moori Buy
  3. 3 Parasitic Noise 2:53 Arash Moori Buy
  4. 4 Nerves & Wires 3:53 Arash Moori Buy
  5. 5 Illusory Systems Of Broadcast 5:16 Arash Moori Buy
  6. 6 Ruins 6:32 Arash Moori Buy
  7. 7 Vomitorium 1:59 Arash Moori Buy
  8. 8 Possession 4:54 Arash Moori Buy
  9. 9 Doppelganger 4:26 Arash Moori Buy
  10. 10 Plasma Arcs 1:17 Arash Moori Buy
  11. 11 Heterodyne II 2:28 Arash Moori Buy
  12. 12 Tantalum March 11:42 Arash Moori Buy


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Experimental and Noise

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