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FFS (Deluxe Edition)
FFS (Deluxe Edition)
Domino Recording Co
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June 2015
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Domino bring forward this debut LP from a supergroup made up of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. The groups have been recording together on-and-off since the turn of the new millennium and this self-titled debut is a bold and theatrical curtain-drop on their creative productivity. Johnny Delusional opens the show with Russell Mael of Sparks and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand playing out a cinematic and almost operatic vocal exchange. The brilliantly ostentatious sound flourishes again and again on the LP. Piss Off rattles along like a mid-trip Beatles number while the new-wave slinkiness of Call Girl evokes a kind of hybrid of The Doors and Cliff Richard. You’ll be hard pushed to find a record sounding like this for another millennium.

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  1. 1 Johnny Delusional 3:11 FFS Buy
  2. 2 Call Girl 3:21 FFS Buy
  3. 3 Dictator's Son 4:15 FFS Buy
  4. 4 Little Guy From The Suburbs 5:09 FFS Buy
  5. 5 Police Encounters 3:10 FFS Buy
  6. 6 Save Me From Myself 3:57 FFS Buy
  7. 7 So Desu Ne 3:52 FFS Buy
  8. 8 The Man Without A Tan 3:28 FFS Buy
  9. 9 Things I Won't Get 3:03 FFS Buy
  10. 10 The Power Couple 3:01 FFS Buy
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