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In Silent Series
Positive Centre
In Silent Series
Our Circula Sound
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November 2014
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Quietly emerging into a techno market saturated with slow-mo electronics, the debut LP from Positive Centre is here to show em how to do it properly. Taking cues from Passed Me By era Andy Stott, the slowed down industrialization of Montalk and in a lineage dating back to Fluxion and the Chain Reaction label In Silent Series is a killer slab of late night dubbed out techno. Released via Sigha's OCS imprint it takes the foundations built from the spaciousness of James Sigha's music past and present and applies a knowledge of production that vastly outweighs the 3 releases totaled by this new producer.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 No Need for Narration 3:08 Positive Centre Buy
  2. 2 Ashes in Exhalation 5:14 Positive Centre Buy
  3. 3 Out Was the Old In 6:32 Positive Centre Buy
  4. 4 Handed by Symmetry 5:14 Positive Centre Buy
  5. 5 Back to Steaming 7:04 Positive Centre Buy
  6. 6 Become the Surface 4:38 Positive Centre Buy
  7. 7 Stand Down Be Better 5:47 Positive Centre Buy
  8. 8 The Circled Rib 4:30 Positive Centre Buy
  9. 9 Old Father Sun Strider 9:40 Positive Centre Buy

Positive Centre

Our Circula Sound

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Industrial Techno

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