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Villa Wunderbar
Irmin Schmidt
Villa Wunderbar
Spoon / Mute
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November 2019
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Can founder Irmin Schmidt’s fascinating solo and soundtrack work gets a plush release from seminal electronic label Mute, in collaboration with Spoon Records. CD1 contains a wealth of eccentric solo work drawing upon a huge range of influences with characteristic extravagance. On ‘Villa Wunderbar’ a sultry trumpet line simmers behind a relaxed funk and enticing male and female vocals which recall Can hit ‘I Want More’, while ‘Le Weekend’ captures a gypsy folk atmosphere with a glam-horror twist, with screaming guitar solos and violin offbeats. Wim Wenders compiles Schmidt’s soundtrack work on CD2, which, added to the prospect of two unreleased Can remixes, makes this an astoundingly comprehensive and alluring release.

  1. 1 Dreambite Irmin Schmidt 1:43
  2. 2 Le Weekend Irmin Schmidt 4:48
  3. 3 Rapido De Noir Irmin Schmidt 6:55
  4. 4 Love Irmin Schmidt 4:38
  5. 5 Villa Wunderbar Irmin Schmidt 5:17
  6. 6 Time The Dreamkiller Irmin Schmidt 6:08
  7. 7 Burning Straw in Sky Irmin Schmidt 11:20
  8. 8 Fledermenschen Irmin Schmidt 6:33
  9. 9 Kick On The Floods Irmin Schmidt 7:45
  10. 10 Fuchsia's Song - Rainbow Party Irmin Schmidt 6:52
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Irmin Schmidt

Spoon / Mute


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