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Colonial Patterns
Huerco S.
Colonial Patterns
Software Recording Co.
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September 2013
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Following a string of releases from Future Times to Opal Tapes, US producer Huerco S. takes on the full-length format for NY based Mexican Summer Records. Such releases and a hectic tour of DJ sets has enabled him to carve out a reputation for high quality, lo-fi recordings, and for a producer keen on exploring a broad aural palette, there’s every chance to push the boundaries on new LP ‘Colonial Patterns’.

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  1. 1 Struck with Deer Lungs 2:16 Huerco S. Buy
  2. 2 Plucked from the Ground, Towards the Sun 6:49 Huerco S. Buy
  3. 3 Quivira 5:01 Huerco S. Buy
  4. 4 Anagramme of My Love 3:33 Huerco S. Buy
  5. 5 'Ii?zhiid 3:48 Huerco S. Buy
  6. 6 Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning) 6:14 Huerco S. Buy
  7. 7 Monks Mound (Arcology) 3:30 Huerco S. Buy
  8. 8 Prinzif 5:47 Huerco S. Buy
  9. 9 Hopewell (Devil) 0:47 Huerco S. Buy
  10. 10 Fortification III 2:11 Huerco S. Buy
  11. 11 Skug Commune 4:34 Huerco S. Buy
  12. 12 Canticoy 4:37 Huerco S. Buy
  13. 13 ChunKee Player 1:39 Huerco S. Buy
  14. 14 Angel (Phase) 6:34 Huerco S. Buy

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