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Worried About The Fire
Aaron Martin
Worried About The Fire
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2010
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Aaron Martin’s Worried About The Fire is an album of avant-garde small-ensemble compositions. It would appear that Martin has taken the principles of doom metal and drone as the starting points from which to create these pieces of chamber folk. Numbers like ‘Water Tongue’ and ‘Open Knife’ see string parts slipping over one another like a warped Baroque pop record that’s being played at the wrong speed. Other moments - ‘Ice Melts Onto Fingers’, for instance - abandon harmony altogether in order to create eerie atmospheres.

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  1. 1 Albee 2:46 Aaron Martin
  2. 2 Ice Melts Onto Fingers 2:58 Aaron Martin
  3. 3 Open Knife 3:32 Aaron Martin
  4. 4 New Brighton 3:22 Aaron Martin
  5. 5 Water Tongue 3:49 Aaron Martin
  6. 6 Wires Of Glass 3:35 Aaron Martin
  7. 7 Reed Tunnel 3:13 Aaron Martin
  8. 8 Marked In Dust 2:48 Aaron Martin
  9. 9 Blue Light 3:18 Aaron Martin
  10. 10 Beaver Falls 3:12 Aaron Martin
  11. 11 Making Rope Out Of Eyelashes 3:10 Aaron Martin
  12. 12 Sixth 4:37 Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin


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