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Ben Bennett
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February 2013
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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Have You Ever Considered Taking A Break From Listening To Music For A While? Ben Bennett 0:52
  2. 2 What If You Just Got Rid Of Your Records And Stereo Equipment? Ben Bennett 1:03
  3. 3 All That Stuff Is Pretty Cumbersome When You're Trying To Seriously Drop Out. Ben Bennett 0:42
  4. 4 If You're Wondering What To Do With Your Life, Woody Agriculture, Primitive Skills, And Draft Farming All Seem Pretty Promising. Also, It's Not Too Hard To Get Emt Certification, And Then You Could Potentially Save Someone's Life In An Emergency. Ben Bennett 2:24
  5. 5 I'll Call You When I Get Creamed By A Motorist. Ben Bennett 2:04
  6. 6 Would You Say This Music Warrants The Manufacture Of A Polyvinyl Chloride Disc? Ben Bennett 1:07
  7. 7 If You Want To Hear Some Definite Pitches, I'm Sure You Could Make Some Yourself Pretty Easily. Ben Bennett 4:37
  8. 8 Everything / Everything / Everything Ben Bennett 1:10
  9. 9 If Your Bike Gets Stolen, It's Probably Worth Putting Up A Sign Offering A Reward At The Scene Of The Crime. I Actually Got My Bike Back That Way. Ben Bennett 1:33
  10. 10 How Do You Think The Last Human Will Die? Ben Bennett 7:01
  11. 11 Bike Stolen From This Bus Stop. Brown Trek 520. Worth More To Me Than It Is To You. Reward Please Call 314-0153. Ben Bennett 3:48
  12. 12 Born Atop A Hubbert Curve. Ben Bennett 9:55
  13. 13 If I Expressed Enthusiasm For Your Cause Which Would Help To Proliferate Industrial Civilization, I Was Just Being Polite. Ben Bennett 8:34
  14. 14 Biocentric Bigotry Ben Bennett 2:03


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