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All We Are
Double Six Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 14, 2020

Press Release

‘Providence’, released on Double Six, is All We Are’s most euphoric and propulsive work to date, underpinned with a warmth that runs through everything the Liverpool-based trio do. With ‘Providence’, All We Are have created an album celebrating the universal virtues of love, loss, sex, friendship and dance. Ireland’s Richard O’Flynn (drums), Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass) and Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar), recorded their third record in Liverpool in a retired school building. Where its predecessor had been clouded by anxieties, manifesting in drone-indebted guitars and a dark heaviness, ‘Providence’ lands with a lighter touch aided by working with producer Dave McCracken (Depeche Mode, dEUS). Offering respite from the gloom, the album’s driving force is the power of music to heal, no matter what your beliefs or worries.

Pre-order Information

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Providence 2:59
  2. 2 Heart of Mine 3:47
  3. 3 Not Your Man 3:16
  4. 4 L Is For Lose 3:45
  5. 5 Beauty in Loss 3:41
  6. 6 When You Cry 3:32
  7. 7 How You Get Me 3:31
  8. 8 Elegy 2:40
  9. 9 Bad Advice 2:58
  10. 10 Deliver It 3:19

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