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Oh lawd he comin’! When Mac Demarco calls his new LP Here Comes The Cowboy, it’s worth knowing that he wants you to take that literally. The Canadian claims that the follow-up to 2017’s This Old Dog is his ‘cowboy record’, though when you listen to this thing it’s hard to say if this has been said with the wink-wink cheekiness that famed goofball Demarco often brings to the table. Maybe there is a bit more of a pronounced country influence to tracks like ‘Nobody’ and ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’ than we’d previously heard, but by and large, Here Comes The Cowboy is another record of melodious crooning from the indie sweetheart.

  1. 1 Here Comes The Cowboy Mac Demarco  
  2. 2 Nobody Mac Demarco 3:49
  3. 3 Finally Alone Mac Demarco  
  4. 4 Little Dogs March Mac Demarco  
  5. 5 Preoccupied Mac Demarco  
  6. 6 Choo Choo Mac Demarco  
  7. 7 K Mac Demarco  
  8. 8 Heart To Heart Mac Demarco  
  9. 9 Hey Cowgirl Mac Demarco  
  10. 10 On The Square Mac Demarco 3:39
  11. 11 All Of Our Yesterdays Mac Demarco  
  12. 12 Skyless Moon Mac Demarco  
  13. 13 Baby Bye Bye Mac Demarco  

Mac Demarco

Experimental Pop and New Wave

Alternative and Indie

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