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You hear a sampled voice — on a synth, or a drum pad perhaps — emanating a rhythm so primordial it feels organic, a rare but authentic phenomenon: the bridge between us and our technology is closer than we’d like to think. Why shouldn’t the most cutting edge electronic sound also constitute a folk art? These are the questions we imagine Laurence Pike (Szun Waves, Triosk, PVT) to be asking with his second solo effort Holy Spring, a document of earthy and cerebral naturalism. Pike is a deeply responsive composer and percussionist, with many high profile collaborations under his belt, and his measured approach translates to perfect serenity here.

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  1. 1 Mystic Circles 6:15 Laurence Pike Buy
  2. 2 Daughter of Mars 3:40 Laurence Pike Buy
  3. 3 Dance of the Earth 3:54 Laurence Pike Buy
  4. 4 Transire 5:34 Laurence Pike Buy
  5. 5 Drum Chant 4:15 Laurence Pike Buy
  6. 6 Holy Spring 6:15 Laurence Pike Buy
  7. 7 The Shock of Hope 3:37 Laurence Pike Buy
  8. 8 Taught by Spirits 3:44 Laurence Pike Buy
  9. 9 Rites 3:13 Laurence Pike Buy

Laurence Pike

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