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The Golden Filter
Catalogue Number
4GN3S-02 D
Release Date
July 2019
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After a decade of establishing themselves as world-class remixers at avant pop’s darkest fringes, in addition to releasing works of apocalyptic synth-wastelands of their own, Australian-American duo The Golden Filter sequester themselves in their Peckham studio. Autonomy, their third proper full-length, is the fruit of their labour. In mining multiple genre veins to forge their dystopian vision — EBM, post-punk, new wave — alchemist-producer Stephen Hindman and speech writer-ringleader Penelope Trappes seek to mimic the onslaught of political and spiritual deficiency they find in the world, in the hope of restoring it under a new sign.

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  1. 1 Downturn 1:15 The Golden Filter Buy
  2. 2 Coercion 4:49 The Golden Filter Buy
  3. 3 Electric Light 4:11 The Golden Filter Buy
  4. 4 Autonomy 4:01 The Golden Filter Buy
  5. 5 U O K 1:15 The Golden Filter Buy
  6. 6 Infinity 4:17 The Golden Filter Buy
  7. 7 We Are The Prey 3:46 The Golden Filter Buy
  8. 8 Wisdom 4:30 The Golden Filter Buy
  9. 9 New Politik 4:09 The Golden Filter Buy
  10. 10 All The Queens 6:00 The Golden Filter Buy

The Golden Filter

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