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Remixed 01
Belief Defect
Remixed 01
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February 2019
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Back in 2017 Belief Defect came out of nowhere to drop their brutalised, visceral debut LP Decadent Yet Depraved. An album filled with industrial textures and broiling post-club sonics, Decadent Yet Depraved now finds itself redone four ways on Remixed 01. Unsurprisingly the versions offered up here by Kangding Ray, Alessandro Cortini, Surachai Nihilist and Telefon Tel Aviv are as dark-hearted and intense as the source material. While Ray’s flip of ‘Unnatural Instinct’ keeps its eyes on the dancefloor the other tunes spiral off into the fog.

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  1. 1 Unnatural Instinct (Kangding Ray Remix) 4:40 Belief Defect Buy
  2. 2 Disembarking Horizons (Alessandro Cortini Version) 7:55 Belief Defect Buy
  3. 3 No Hope No Fear (Surachai Nihilist Mix) 5:50 Belief Defect Buy
  4. 4 Deliverance (Telefon Tel Aviv Dub) 5:40 Belief Defect Buy

Belief Defect


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