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Not a great deal is known about Belief Defect. The group first surfaced at the 2017 Berlin Atonal festival, shrouded in darkness and smoke, and hot on the heels of their debut performance they drop a 10-track album on raster (Frank Bretschneider, Kyoka). Decadent Yet Depraved is a visceral work that recalls everyone from Arca to Blawan to Death Grips in its taut, twisted sounds. The likes of ‘Unnatural Instinct’ and ‘Slipping Away’ are techno dubs that have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the murkiest depths. ‘Fake Disciples’ seems designed exclusively to break hi-fis. A fine soundtrack to the end times.

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  1. 1 Unnatural Instinct 5:28 Belief Defect Buy
  2. 2 The Conduit 3:50 Belief Defect Buy
  3. 3 Submission of Thoughts 5:48 Belief Defect Buy
  4. 4 Slipping Away 6:04 Belief Defect Buy
  5. 5 No Future 5:23 Belief Defect Buy
  6. 6 Opium Den 5:13 Belief Defect Buy
  7. 7 Deliverance 5:44 Belief Defect Buy
  8. 8 Fake Disciples 4:53 Belief Defect Buy
  9. 9 No Hope No Fear 4:01 Belief Defect Buy
  10. 10 Disembarking Horizons 7:13 Belief Defect Buy


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