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Thomas Fehlmann
1929 - Das Jahr Babylon
Catalogue Number
Kompakt CD 153 D
Release Date
December 14, 2018


Thomas Fehlmann continues to work at a rate of knots as he drops his third full-length of 2018. However, 1929 - Das Jahr Babylon finds the veteran taking a left turn after the successes of Los Lagos and the Terrence Dixon collaboration We’ll Take It From Here. The music on this record was conceived for a documentary of the same name that chronicled the seismic impact of 1929 in the Weimar Republic. Fehlmann’s portentous ambiences - imagine a darkside Eno - set the scene perfectly and work equally well when presented as standalone works.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Chapter D (dark main) 4:23 Buy

    Chapter D (dark main)

  2. 2 Chapter M (driving) 1:58 Buy

    Chapter M (driving)

  3. 3 Chapter M (karenina) 2:13 Buy

    Chapter M (karenina)

  4. 4 Chapter D (swing) 2:35 Buy

    Chapter D (swing)

  5. 5 Chapter M (light) 3:27 Buy

    Chapter M (light)

  6. 6 Chapter M (mellow) 2:51 Buy

    Chapter M (mellow)

  7. 7 Chapter D (sparkling) 1:53 Buy

    Chapter D (sparkling)

  8. 8 Chapter M (charming) 2:52 Buy

    Chapter M (charming)

  9. 9 Chapter M (karenina 2) 2:51 Buy

    Chapter M (karenina 2)

  10. 10 Chapter D (main) 2:57 Buy

    Chapter D (main)

  11. 11 Chapter M (cosmic) 3:18 Buy

    Chapter M (cosmic)

  12. 12 Chapter D (strumm) 2:36 Buy

    Chapter D (strumm)

  13. 13 Chapter M (reduction) 3:46 Buy

    Chapter M (reduction)

  14. 14 Chapter D (dark) 1:30 Buy

    Chapter D (dark)

  15. 15 Chapter M (cosmic 2) 3:18 Buy

    Chapter M (cosmic 2)

Thomas Fehlmann


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