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Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 2
Various Artists
Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 2
Studio Mule
Catalogue Number
Studio Mule 6 LP
Release Date
July 2018
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Six months on from the release of Studio Mule’s Midnight In Tokyo and the Mule Musiq sub-label drop the second volume. Midnight In Tokyo, Volume 2 manages to stand out from the recent glut of reissues of music from 70’s/80’s Japan due to the breadth of material here. Anyone who’s developed a craving for City Pop will be satisfied by cuts like Air Suspension Club Band’s ‘In The Hot City’, Keiichi Oku’s ‘Heat Wave’ and Parachute’s ‘Mystery Of Asian Port’. However, we also have tunes here that synthesise Reggae, Afro-Latin jazz and psychedelic folk with the slick electronic pop sounds of the time.

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  1. 1 Hikobae 1:30 Genji Sawai
  2. 2 Danza Lucumi 1:30 Today's Latin Project
  3. 3 On The Coast 1:30 Shigeru Suzuki
  4. 4 In The Hot City 1:30 Air Suspension Club Band
  5. 5 So Long America 1:30 Yasunori Soryo&Jim Rocks
  6. 6 Twisty 1:30 Jugando
  7. 7 Samarkand 1:30 Kingkong Paradise
  8. 8 Imagery 1:30 Katsutoshi Morizono With Bird's Eye View
  9. 9 Windmill 1:30 Om
  10. 10 Mystery Of Asian Port 1:30 Parachute
  11. 11 Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977 1:05 Yuji Toriyama
  12. 12 Heat Wave 1:30 Keiichi Oku
  13. 13 Day Dream At The Bob's Beach 1:30 Safari

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