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Bleep Mix #208 - Helado Negro

  1. Bleep Mix #208 - Helado Negro

    Bleep Mix #208 - Helado Negro

"Widescreen rhythms through handheld devices. Inner ear atmospheres drenched in humid obtuse lyrics and sunken dub. These are songs I’ve found in a few mold crowded basements and in some multi-service stores with towers of 45’s, incense, $2 jeans and tissue’s. The last song is a song I made when I was twenty one (20 years ago).

I cherish this music. These songs remind me of the abundance of sound and expression in the world. There is something for everyone and not everything has to be what you know. Looking for what I don’t know. Music is GPS to places our bodies cant go." - Helado Negro


The Spanks - Reel Your Body
Max Goldt - Ladies Ladies
Verna Willams - Man You Don't Make Sense To Me
The Red Krayola - Born In Flames
Jeff Phelps - Super Lady
Iwabo - Reggae Down
Linton Kwesi Johnson - It Noh Funny
BWIA National Indian Orchestra - Come My Darling
Val Mason - Liveely Soca Pt.1
Flatbush - Ugly Policeman
Brief Encounter - Im So Satisfied
Barry Biggs - Love Come Down
Roberto Carlos Lange - Love 1

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