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Bleep Mix #205 - Mike Paradinas

  1. Bleep Mix #205 - Mike Paradinas

    Bleep Mix #205 - Mike Paradinas

It’s already been a killer 2021 for Mike Paradinas. Not only has he helped alert the ears and feet of listeners to some of footwork and juke’s finest (RP Boo, Ripatti, Jana Rush) through his Planet Mu imprint, he’s also found the time to produce some of his own stellar works under his Tusken Raiders moniker (as well as its subsidiaries). His exclusive Bleep mix is loaded with his own cuts, ranging from interstellar ambient techno to menacing DnB beatings. Much like his label, there’s a trove of sounds and tones on display here, each fuelled by Paradinas’ unmistakable musical abilities.

"The mix is a snapshot of my productions half way through the year." - Mike Paradinas


01 Tusken Raiders - Housewerk (Tusk)
02 Tusken Raiders - Housewerk Remix (Tusk)
03 Tusken Raiders - Detroit Belm (Tusk)
04 Tusken Raiders - Corticofugal Remix (Tusk)
05 Tusken Raiders - Belmica (Tusk)
06 Tusken Raiders - Tropicana N'Vectif (Tusk)
07 Tusken Raiders - Satisfaction Dub (Tusk)
08 µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx - Unheard Melodies (Planet Mu)
09 µ-Ziq - Strawberry Aero (Analogical Force)
10 µ-Ziq - Elka's Song (Planet Mu)
11 µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx - The Secret Garden (Planet Mu)
12 µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride Pt.1 (Planet Mu)
13 µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride Pt.2 (Planet Mu)
14 µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride Pt.3 (Planet Mu)
15 µ-Ziq - Preston Melodics (Analogical Force)
16 µ-Ziq - Uncle Daddy (Planet Mu)

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