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Bleep Mix #152 - Shackleton

  1. Bleep Mix #152 - Shackleton

    Bleep Mix #152 - Shackleton

The enigmatic genius Shackleton’s contribution to Bleep’s mix series is completely and utterly captivating. In his first mix in almost a decade, the music blends tracks from 2019’s Reach The Endless Sea and 2020’s Like The Stars Forever And Ever, the two LPs Shackleton has made as part of the group Tunes Of Negation. These numbers are spliced together with live versions, improvisatory passages and droning interludes which were fashioned by Shackleton resampling pre-existing tracks. Those who know Shackleton from his dubstep days will find that his sound has changed considerably since then - his intoxicating style now nods more to Jon Hassell’s fourth world explorations, Indian classical music, the rhythmic phasing of Steve Reich and post-minimalist artists like Midori Takada. This earthy, psychedelic hour serves as a fascinating chronicle of how Shackleton’s artistic voice has developed down the years.

"The mix is made up of tracks from the two "Tunes Of Negation" albums, some live versions, and some studio improvisations. I made some bridges between the tracks with drones and the like that I created out of parts from existing tunes that I resampled and generally messed around with."

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