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Bleep Mix #43 - Kettel

Bleep Mix #43 comes from an artist we have long been avid followers of, Kettel. Being fully locked onto his output over the years we've rarely if ever being exposed to his post-studio selections until now. Across an hour running time, Kettel sets the decks to stun with this Antarctic sized selection of cobweb covered techno, hazy house and Fourth World wonderings. From Huerco S. Fennesz & King Midas Sound, Patricia, Jon Hassell, Jass and Claro Intelecto to Donato Dozzy, Zeena Parkins and many more artists besides. Bleep Mix #43 is sure to stand out as one of the deepest mixes in this ever evolving series yet...

Track List

Zeena Parkins - Determined
Huerco S. - 3001AB
King Midas Sound / Fennesz - Above Water
Moodcut - Trampling Between Cats
João Paulo Esteves Da Silva, Samuel Rohrer, Mário Franco - Trusting Heart Cosmos (Max Loderbauer Remix)
Night Gestalt - After All Our Elements Are Gone
Octa Octa - I'm Trying
Paranoid London - Boombox Affair
DJ Seinfeld - U Hold Me Without Touch
Oscar Peterson - Goodbye J.D.
Karriem Riggins - Summer Madness S.A.
Mark Van Hoen - Real Love
Juaneco Y Su Combo - La Cumbia Del Pacurro
Donato Dozzy - Mindless Fullness
Kettel - Stallstallstall
Patricia - Upper Peninsula (Feat. Terekke)
Anchorsong - Mother
John Playford - The English Dancing Master: Parson's Farewell
Squarepusher - Dedicated Loop
Tipper - Dissolve (Out) (Phoenecia Remix)
JASSS - Minotaur
Claro Intellecto - Sunshine
Jon Hassell - Manga Scene
Jonny Greenwood - Sandalwood I

  • Myam James Part I (10th Anniversary Edition)
    Myam James Part I (10th Anniversary Edition)
    Lapsus Records
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    September 2018

    Exciting new label The Perennial Series (a division of Lapsus Records) launches with this first-ever vinyl edition of Myam James Part I by Kettel. Now a decade old, this late 00's classic arguably took Braindancing acid and electro to its melodic, breakbeat peak, yet due to format restraints never made it further than a short run CD edition. Thankfully, Lapsus have seen fit to uncover this hidden gem and present it here as a loving packaged deluxe double-disc set, which has been cut to garnet coloured vinyl, a format we are sure you will agree that it best suits...

    Still no stranger to the left-field electronica sound and scene from which he first started bubbling up in during the early 00's, Kettel first reached widespread acclaim with his 2006 album 'My Dogan', yet for our money, it was 'Myam James Part I' released two years later that most caught and held our attention way back when. The album's selection of otherworldly textures borrows ideas heavily from the sounds of the time: acid house, drill & bass and dub techno. Yet in the Kettel kitchen, these were ostensibly recreated into a complex puzzle-like world where the functional notions of traditional 'club music' genre tags were re-translated into everyday ambient audio. While it’s easy to see the album sharing psychic space with artists such as Wisp, The Flashbulb, Jega, Boxcutter, 'Myam James Part I' still remains a singular cannon in the Kettel catalogue.

    Recent years have seen Kettel materialize on Analogical Force in various forms as well as releasing a stunning album for Clone’s DUB imprint. It was Myam James Part I’s frantic, frenetic mutations back in 2008 that first truly blew our and many others’ minds, and now with this prayers answered vinyl edition it’s surely set to bound back to the forefront of many of the album’s original and recently discovering electronic addicts’ listening habits.

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    1. 1 Wombat 3:41 Kettel
    2. 2 Dolend 4:12 Kettel
    3. 3 Kroost 5:09 Kettel
    4. 4 Shimamoto 4:04 Kettel
    5. 5 Church 3:52 Kettel
    6. 6 Ende 3:45 Kettel
    7. 7 Palle's Popsong 4:44 Kettel
    8. 8 Fishfred 4:23 Kettel
    9. 9 Twinkle Twinkle 6:21 Kettel
    10. 10 Mukudori 2:55 Kettel
    11. 11 My Dogan (Tranceparents Remix By Phoenecia) 4:42 Kettel
    12. 12 Church (Remix By Secede) 8:23 Kettel

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