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Patricia makes good on his previous two albums for Opal Tapes with Several Shades Of The Same Color, joining the ranks of Actress, Lee Gamble and Terrence Dixon in the upper circles of bleary-eyed experimental house and techno. Releasing on Spectral Sound in collaboration with his own label Active Cultures, 'Several Shades Of The Same Color' is released over three separate LPs, three suites of tracks that can be listened to in parts or together to create an opus of kaleidoscopic techno.

Having been locked away in the studio since 2015's Bem Inventory, Several Shades Of The Same Color expands on the tape tekno of previous Opal albums to provide a thorough journey into the late night hours that often supply the perfect environment for this sort of sound. Each track shines through the atmospheric mist like a crunchy lullaby, from the Low Jack style dronal escape The Words Are Just Sounds Patricia to the Sound Stream deep in a Ghettoville blues shuffle on Shiba Inu Dub. Each piece perfectly resembles a long morning spent jamming to some jacking techno, perhaps cementing his name at the top, Patricia pulls in the other leading light in this sound-field Terekke for the ambient bubble world album closer Upper Peninsula.

A brilliant selection of fuzzy dream jams that are ripe for the picking by everyone into the Trilogy Tapes, Mood Hut and Modern Love sound.

  • Vinyl Part One contains tracks
  1. I Know the Face, But Not the Name
  2. Liminal States
  3. Speed Wagon Night Bride
  4. The Words Are Just Sounds
  5. It Gets Worse at Night
  • Vinyl Part Two contains tracks
  1. I Know The Face, But Not The Name
  2. Liminal States
  3. Speed Wagon Night Bride
  4. The Words Are Just Sounds
  5. It Gets Worse At Night
  • Vinyl Part Three contains tracks
  1. You Never Listen
  2. Feel Your Body
  3. German Friendship
  4. Alternate Mindset
  5. Upper Peninsula (ft. Terekke)
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  1. 1 I Know the Face, But Not the Name 5:54 Patricia Buy
  2. 2 Liminal States 5:03 Patricia Buy
  3. 3 Speed Wagon Night Bride 5:10 Patricia Buy
  4. 4 The Words Are Just Sounds 6:18 Patricia Buy
  5. 5 It Gets Worse at Night 8:04 Patricia Buy
  6. 6 Deku Tree 3:31 Patricia Buy
  7. 7 The Electric Eye Is Upon Me 7:20 Patricia Buy
  8. 8 Étant Donnés 5:26 Patricia Buy
  9. 9 Thoughts of You 5:27 Patricia Buy
  10. 10 Shiba Inu Dub 7:27 Patricia Buy
  11. 11 You Never Listen 6:42 Patricia Buy
  12. 12 Feel Your Body 7:09 Patricia Buy
  13. 13 German Friendship 4:41 Patricia Buy
  14. 14 Alternate Mindset 7:10 Patricia Buy
  15. 15 Upper Peninsula (feat. Terekke) 6:07 Patricia feat. Terekke Buy


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