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You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jonny Greenwood
You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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March 2018
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Glaswegian film director Lynne Ramsay struck back with the eerie thriller You Were Never Really Here, a strange disappearance tale featuring Joaquin Phoenix. With Johnny Greenwood providing the OST we were taken for a ride through epic ambient synth compositions, ballroom era orchestral instrumentals (with slap-bass!) and mental drum machine tracks (‘Nausea’) that seemed to all come from a range of talented soundtrack artists. In actuality all compositions are by Mr. Greenwood and Invada have opted to release fourteen pieces! Tip - check ‘Hammer and Tape’ for all your leftfield, deep listening mixtapes.

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  1. 1 Tree Synthesisers 4:25 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  2. 2 Sandy's Necklace 3:47 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  3. 3 Nausea 1:49 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  4. 4 Hammer and Tape 1:22 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  5. 5 Playground (Bass Clarinet) 3:47 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  6. 6 The Hunt 3:23 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  7. 7 Dark Streets 1:52 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  8. 8 YWNRH 3:56 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  9. 9 Nina Through Glass 3:22 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  10. 10 Votto 4:01 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  11. 11 Dark Streets (Reprise) 1:53 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  12. 12 Downstairs 0:50 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  13. 13 Joe's Drive 1:23 Jonny Greenwood Buy
  14. 14 Tree Strings 5:10 Jonny Greenwood Buy

Jonny Greenwood


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