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Various Artists
PC Music Volume 1 & 2
PC Music
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February 16, 2018


PC Music betrays the digital disciples by submitting to the pressures of a very much needed physical format for the collective's two-volume best of compilations, specially pressed as two volumes. Split across the You take the Blue Vinyl - which sees the story begin, two sides of Volume 1 with Extra Data & More and the You take the Red Vinyl - where the story continues, an in-depth exploration of Volume 2 where The Future meets The Past. Marking this the first officially released Personal Computer Music analog storage medium ever presented in a bespoke gatefold cover designed by Timothy Luke.

Some saw these releases as a high-concept response to the disposable age of information; others saw it as a gummy hyper-real universe marking a new dawn of electronica. All purveyors of contemporary music culture have an opinion on the PC Music camp. Now the London-based net-label/collective have surprised all by cookie-cutting the most fawned-over tracks to vinyl.

Whatever your take, it can’t be denied that in an age of constant stylistic regurgitation, the giddy PC Music gang at the height of their prolificness advanced a truly unique musical direction; for instance the angelic vocal-laced pointillism of Hannah Diamond’s ‘Every Night’ or the candy-coated trance of A.G Cook’s ‘Beautiful’, which both eschew every taste convention to the point of actually being pretty catchy. From the frantic vocal pitch shifting on GFOTY’s ‘USA’ to the ultra-cute polyphonic production on Keri Baby by Hannah Diamond and to The Lipgloss Twins, it is a sound like no other.

Needless to say, it has been made in an extremely limited edition run so be quick if you wanna candyflip your Technics 1210's, just remember to brush your teeth after sinking them deep into this...

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