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Paper Dollhouse unveils a freshly rendered, new ambient pop sound on The Sky Looks Different Here. Produced by a longtime associate of the project Asher Levitas (of Planet Mu & Old Apparatus fame) and featuring a unique radioactive landscape sleeve design by Finders Keepers Andy Votel. The Sky Looks Different Here offers a map to travel through the vivid nuclear nightside world from the city to the countryside, a journey of which Paper Dollhouse's music is the soundtrack.

Setting the scene with the slowly building chord progression of 'AYVT', Astrud's vocals fall down onto Asher's emotive pads like the raindrops that fell silently outside the studio window during the albums recording sessions. This perfectly sets the scene for the journey ahead, one that traverses the fringes of the album's key influence, the post-apocalyptic 1970's opus 'Z for Zachariah' whilst taking in all manner of slow-motion dub, expansive synth-pop and time slip rave. Imagine Twin Peaks or Malá Morská Víla rescored for a W.G. Sebald book, The Sky Looks Different Here is a searching record, perfectly frozen in time, into the frost blue vinyl on which its story has been cut.

Following on from 2012's debut recordings A Box Painted Black (released via Jane Weaver's Bird imprint), a split album with Magpahi for Folklore Tapes and 2015's Aeonflower (released via Night School in conjunction with Bird) The Sky Looks Different Here is a bold move forward for the group. With the trio have crafted an album that acts as a spidery electronica soundtrack to an imagined Radio On style journey Eastward, from the Lynchian streets of Astrud's current base of North East London to Nina's countryside dwellings within the deepest realms of Suffolk.

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  1. 1 AYVT 1:26 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  2. 2 Green Pool 3:28 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  3. 3 4 Moons 2:02 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  4. 4 Haze 2:55 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  5. 5 Mountain Energie 3:01 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  6. 6 Pearl's Theme 3:07 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  7. 7 Nuclear Alignment 2:56 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  8. 8 Dream Fields 2:28 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  9. 9 Adventure 0:55 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  10. 10 Lullaby 2:31 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  11. 11 Nothing Sacred 4:01 Paper Dollhouse Buy
  12. 12 Meteor Storm 9:17 Paper Dollhouse Buy

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