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Bogdan Raczynski
96 Drum N Bass Classixxx
Bogdan Raczynski
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 27, 2017


Bogdan Raczynski's classic Rephlex material is finally made available digitally, blending between the bonkers drum 'n' bass passages to ambient, blissed out electronica sketches that saw his work favoured by everyone from Bjork to Aphex Twin.

Originally released in 2002, 96 Drum N Bass Classixxx does exactly what it says on the tin. Billed as a compilation, it sees Bogdan taking on the ultra junglist alter-egos of MC Slammah & Digital Hooliganz, Abdullah K, 4-Cillinda, DJ Whisky, Ronny Rinkles & much more to compile the best solo album/compilation of hardcore junglizm this side of 95.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Reach For Your Lives MC Slammah & Digital Hooliganz 4:20 Buy
  2. 2 Battle Zone 1996 Suburban Fox 4:47 Buy
  3. 3 Trip To The Boom Abdullah K 5:03 Buy
  4. 4 '96 'Ardkore Canin' Re-Start 5:17 Buy
  5. 5 On The Case DJ Whisky 5:03 Buy
  6. 6 Pouch Fulla Seed (Hard On You Mix) Kingsland Kru 2:47 Buy
  7. 7 Cyclops King Herod 4:31 Buy
  8. 8 Solid Hold On Me Solid Gold Ronny Rinkles 1:45 Buy
  9. 9 D&D Diabolical 4-Cillinda 3:53 Buy
  10. 10 Governor's Banquet The Optomotorist 2:39 Buy
  11. 11 Put Em Up Sharif Senator Steele 1:56 Buy
  12. 12 5L45H! 4TT4CK! 3NT3R K3Y! Agent 30 5:43 Buy
  13. 13 Bogdan-Raczynski-Nautilis_Kimi-Mix-2-7b Bogdan Raczynski 3:37 Buy
  14. 14 Bogdan-Raczynski-Flashbulb_Fnck-U-Dj-7a Bogdan Raczynski 3:18 Buy

Bogdan Raczynski

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