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Though it feels like the Mercury Prize-winning Young Fathers have been around a fair while now, their discography only dates back to 2011 and the self-release of Tape One. Heard in context now, their opening salvo sounds like both a statement and a blueprint for carrying these idiosyncratic Scots to the heart of the mainstream. Coming up at the same time as Death Grips, Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown, the comparisons seem clearer in hindsight, particularly on lo-fi trunk rattlers like ‘Fortunes’ and ‘Sister’. Yoked together here with the following Tape Two - winner of the 2014 SAY Award, no less - this release is one to either plug a hole in your collection or rekindle a love affair with one of the U.K.’s most vital acts. Comes remastered by Mandy Parnell (The xx, Brian Eno).

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  1. 1 Deadline 2:00 Young Fathers
  2. 2 Sister 2:00 Young Fathers
  3. 3 Rumbling 2:00 Young Fathers
  4. 4 Romance 2:00 Young Fathers
  5. 5 Fortunes 0:50 Young Fathers
  6. 6 Remains 2:00 Young Fathers
  7. 7 Rrramanda 2:00 Young Fathers
  8. 8 Dar-Eh Da Da Du 2:00 Young Fathers
  9. 9 I Heard 2:00 Young Fathers
  10. 10 Come To Life 2:00 Young Fathers
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