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White Men Are Black Men Too
Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too
Big Dada
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April 2015
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Scottish hip-hop trio return to Big Dada records following on from 2014’s Dead album. The trio from Edinburgh consist of Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole and 'G' Hastings and have previously released on Anticon and Blacksugar Records. This release: White Men Are Black Men Too has Young Father fuse indie, rock and hiphop seamlessly – perfect fun-time festival music. ‘Shame’ sees pop-style indie vocals over steady rock rhythms whilst ‘Rain Or Shine’ adds some circus ditties to the selection.

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  1. 1 Still Running 3:08 Young Fathers Buy
  2. 2 Shame 4:09 Young Fathers Buy
  3. 3 Feasting 2:39 Young Fathers Buy
  4. 4 27 2:27 Young Fathers Buy
  5. 5 Rain Or Shine 3:49 Young Fathers Buy
  6. 6 Sirens 3:00 Young Fathers Buy
  7. 7 Old Rock n Roll 3:11 Young Fathers Buy
  8. 8 Nest 3:17 Young Fathers Buy
  9. 9 Liberated 2:55 Young Fathers Buy
  10. 10 John Doe 2:52 Young Fathers Buy
  11. 11 Dare Me 2:39 Young Fathers Buy
  12. 12 Get Started 4:47 Young Fathers Buy

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