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BOOMBOX 2: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap 1979-83
VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents
BOOMBOX 2: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap 1979-83
Soul Jazz Records
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June 2017
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Soul Jazz gift us with the second volume of their Boombox series, a thorough-as-hell look into the post-Rappers Delight craze that took the streets of the New York ghettos by storm. Almost all released on tiny independent labels, the singles span sample heavy funk inspired rap tracks through to amateur throwbacks about high school glory days. Every piece is thoroughly of its era, full of hype bravado and simple rhymes mixed with big basslines and loud toms, but for any fan of the genre this is an incredibly in-depth document of the early days of hip-hop.

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  1. 1 Let's Rock 2:00 Harlem World Crew
  2. 2 Young Ladies 2:00 Lonnie Love
  3. 3 Ah, That's The Joint 2:00 Kool DJ AJ
  4. 4 The Peoples Message Take Two 2:00 Terry Lewis & Wild Flower
  5. 5 Rappin' Partee Groove 2:00 Rappers Rapp Group
  6. 6 Lookin' Good 2:00 Eddie Cheba
  7. 7 One Time Two Time Blow Your Mind 2:00 MC Rock Lovely
  8. 8 Dancin' Party People 2:00 Little Starsky
  9. 9 Shake Your Body 2:00 Manujothi
  10. 10 School Days 2:00 Busy Bee
  11. 11 Maximus Party 2:00 TJ Swann, Pee Wee Mel & Swann Controllers
  12. 12 Death Rap 2:00 Margo's Kool Out Crew
  13. 13 Rock The Message Rap 2:00 Grand Master Chilly T & Stevie G
  14. 14 Dr Ice Rap 2:00 Zoot II

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