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Subtext present Blessed Initiative, the intriguing new project of Berlin-based sound artist Yair Elazar Glotman. The classically trained musician previously appeared on the visionary Bristol-formed and now Berlin-based experimental label with the mind-bending textural contrabass drones of his Études album (2015) and a haunting collaboration with James Ginzburg.

Blessed Initiative sees Glotman introduce erratic beat structures into his insect-like instrumental creations. Working with an extremely rich palette of concrete and synthesised sounds, he offers an exquisitely crafted soundworld that captivates the whole body with its tactile immediacy. Dark and foreboding, and definitely not for the faint-hearted, Blessed Initiative plays upon perspective as it situates the listener within a multi-dimensional phenomenal space, at once cavernous and claustrophobic, directional and immersive. Ethereal, ghostly drifts of microtonal sound in the high register are set against deep, echoing, thunderous roars, challenging the ear to forge its own path as it navigates a field of contingency.

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  1. 1 Vile Value 4:31 Blessed Initiative Buy
  2. 2 Jazz as commodity 4:09 Blessed Initiative Buy
  3. 3 Out with the old, in with the new flesh 4:10 Blessed Initiative Buy
  4. 4 Xanax interlude (Relax!) 2:27 Blessed Initiative Buy
  5. 5 Delirium juice & Taste of jewelry 5:04 Blessed Initiative Buy
  6. 6 as cyber shaming may be 4:55 Blessed Initiative Buy
  7. 7 The elite (reform, deform) 0:23 Blessed Initiative Buy
  8. 8 Borderline Spamming 3:34 Blessed Initiative Buy


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