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Ex Ep
Ex Ep
Electronic Tapes
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Release Date
août 2016
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Flooring new Electronic Tapes edition, highly LTD Bleep exclusive. Braindance electronica at its finest and a must check for all Mr. 76ix and Anodyne heads!

Shrouded in mystery seven tracker covering IDM influenced acid techno, 707 tom percussion and warped synth lines all blend together to create dancefloor orientated house jams such as opener ‘Ex PJ’, whereas scattered breakbeat tracks like ‘Fragments’ channel the Rephlex era ‘braindance’ sound, though this is a little less frantic. All in all Ex Ep is a pretty varied release, but one definitely made with dancefloor functionality in mind.

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Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Ex Pj Stephanovich 3:58 Acheter
  2. 2 Hold Stephanovich 4:03 Acheter
  3. 3 Visions of Norge Stephanovich 3:26 Acheter
  4. 4 Fragments Stephanovich 5:27 Acheter
  5. 5 Avilyn Stephanovich 2:25 Acheter
  6. 6 Flow State Stephanovich 2:27 Acheter
  7. 7 Move Stephanovich 4:11 Acheter


Electronic Tapes

Electro and Acid

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