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Hieroglyphic Being
The Disco's Of Imhotep
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August 5, 2016

One of the most prolific artists working on the fringes of house/techno/jazz/space and the world as we know it, Jamal Moss presents possibly his most well rounded and cosmic records yet (and honestly, we don't say that lightly) The Disco's Of Imhotep follows recent essential choice LP's for the likes of Planet Mu, Soul Jazz, RVNG Intl. and countless white labels and private press editions. But it's on The Disco's Of Imhotep that we see the most realised vision of the Hieroglyphic Being's cyberjazz vision yet.

Stepping out on Ninja Tune’s famed dance outpost, Technicolour is a real step into the spotlight for one of dance music’s most appreciated outsiders. Though this isn’t a signal that he’s producing more comfortably appealing music. It’s still more of the same. Still deranged, still off-kilter and still banging it's so wrong it sounds right. ‘Heru’ is a trademark combination of all that’s right with Jamal Moss’ output; it's loud and proud with no holds barred. Elsewhere on the album, the title track has an edge of delicacy about it, due mainly to the cutesy melodic lines and contained bass sounds.

Rolling out all manner of cosmic bebop, Jamal rolls into jazzy jungle with Sepulchral Offerings, AWM style industrial funk on The Sound Of KMT, half-time gabba on Nubian Energy a head spinnin' trance on Heru (well trance as heard through the ears of Hieroglyphic Being)

The Disco's Of Imhotep represents a perfect entry point to the sprawling discography of Jamal Moss for those unfamiliar with his style, and for longtime fans alike this is gonna satisfy you to no end. Nine cosmic gobstoppers for all the house and techno fiends craving some crunch.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 The Shrine Of The Serpent Goddess 1:06 Buy

    The Shrine Of The Serpent Goddess

  2. 2 Sepulchral Offerings 4:55 Buy

    Sepulchral Offerings

  3. 3 Spiritual Alliances 4:33 Buy

    Spiritual Alliances

  4. 4 Heru 1:10 Buy
  5. 5 Crocodile Skin 5:06 Buy
  6. 6 The Sound Of KMT 3:15 Buy

    The Sound Of KMT

  7. 7 The Way Of The Tree Of Life 5:13 Buy

    The Way Of The Tree Of Life

  8. 8 The Disco's Of Imhotep 4:27 Buy

    The Disco's Of Imhotep

  9. 9 Nubian Energy 3:51 Buy

Hieroglyphic Being

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Hieroglyphic Being


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