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Popol Vuh
Soul Jazz Records Presents Popol Vuh: Kailash - Pilgrimage to the Throne of Gods / Piano Recordings
Soul Jazz Records
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March 16, 2015


Soul Jazz Records bring forward this celebratory compilation of recordings from German avant-garde group Popol Vuh. This particular release focuses on the group’s leader, Florian Fricke. The posthumous collection of tracks is made up largely of solo piano recordings which document the embryonic stages of many better known releases. Most notably, there are early blueprints for tracks that made the cut on Popol Vuh’s 1972 LP Hosianna Mantra. The compilation is also made up of Fricke’s travelogue made during his about his spiritual pilgrimage to Tibet’s 22,000 foot Kailash mountain. A largely unedited glimpse in to the workings of a true visionary.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Spirit Of Peace 1 Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 3:24 Buy
  2. 2 Spirit Of Peace 2 Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 7:24 Buy
  3. 3 Spirit Of Peace 3 Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 8:02 Buy
  4. 4 Mahayana (Karuna) Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 4:57 Buy
  5. 5 The Heart Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 8:56 Buy
  6. 6 Earth View Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 4:12 Buy
  7. 7 Moses Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 6:53 Buy
  8. 8 Garden Of Pythagoras Florian Fricke & Popol Vuh 8:16 Buy
  9. 9 West Tibet - Land Of The Nomads Florian Fricke 3:54 Buy
  10. 10 The Garden Morya Florian Fricke 4:08 Buy
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