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Bochum Welt
Elan EP
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August 27, 2014


Having released on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label and an endorsed artist for Moog Music, Italian producer Gianluigi Di Costanzo aka Bochum Welt has a reputation to live up to, and this EP doesn’t disappoint. The Aphex Twin influence is as great as it is obvious, not just in the slow breakbeat rhythm of ‘Interlude’. The oscillating synth carpets on ‘Cinematronics’ and ‘Blue’ show that he knows how to work his instruments. The staccato arpeggios of ‘DVE’ prove his sense of compositional arrangements: the overall ambient feel makes Elan EP one of his most palatable releases to date.

"There's a mini album (6 tracks) that I re-mastered enterely at the Capitol Studios Hollywood that would be great to have on sale on Bleep. There's also an interesting story behind it and some nice pictures and videos that you could link to accompany the story.

In brief, in the 90’s I started to work at Headspace, Thomas Dolby’s Company in Studio City, Los Angeles. Brian Salter and I were producing part of the company’s multimedia library using a proprietary system by TD ( named AVRe ) I was so happy to use his innovative technologies, and Brian and I continued using them at night and worked on our musical content. Some of that content is included on the Elan EP."

Bochum Welt 2014

Bochum Welt is the stage name of the Italian electronic musician Gianluigi Di Costanzo. The name Bochum Welt is a combination of the German word for "world" (welt) and the name of a high-powered astral telescope. Di Costanzo has released numerous records on established record labels. His first single for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label, "Scharlach Eingang" (1994), published by Warner/Chappell Music, was sufficiently accomplished that the British music magazine NME ran an article claiming that Bochum Welt was another of Aphex Twin's myriad alter egos. Di Costanzo's first album on Sony Music Japan,[2] "Module 2 / Desktop Robotics"[3] collecting his first recordings, was followed by a double CD Rephlex release Robotic Operating Buddy, nominated in 2009 as a top 15 electronica album by the British music magazine The Wire.[4] In addition to releasing his own music, Di Costanzo has worked with Thomas Dolby's Headspace and Beatnik Inc., the Hollywood companies that completed multimedia productions for S. Spielberg, D. Bowie and others.

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Bochum Welt


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