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Pev & Kowton / Asusu
Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) / Sister (Nick Höppner Remix)
Livity Sound Recordings
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February 2, 2015


Livity Sounds’ recent remix packages have been impeccable, and that standard doesn’t look like it’s about to slip any time soon. Pev and Kowton’s ‘Raw Code’, a stripped-back percussive jam, is nigh-on perfect. So how do you even try to remix it? No better man than Tony Surgeon has stepped up, and he’s proven more than worthy of the challenge. His take adds searing chords and an almighty thump to the track, boosting its sparse construction and taking it to new depths. A new melody is added to those chords, giving the track an ethereal techno feel, yet never at the expense of the roughness at its heart. Nick Hoppner meanwhile tackles the similarly sparse yet all the more soulful Sister by Asusu, originally released in back in 2011. Hoppner adds dirt and steel, eschewing the original’s soulful flavour in favour of a grittier approach.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) Peverelist, Kowton 6:09 Buy

    Raw Code (Surgeon Remix)

  2. 2 Sister (Nick Höppner Remix) Asusu 6:10 Buy

    Sister (Nick Höppner Remix)

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