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Legendary electroacoustic composer Kassel Jaeger presents more finely-tuned work for the ever-impressive Editions Mego imprint. The album consists of two hefty parts entitled ‘Toxic Cosmopolitanism’ and ‘Exposure Scales’, both of which exhibit an astounding control over both grainy textures and sharp synthetic elements. ‘Toxic Cosmopolitanism’ recalls PAN collagist Jar Moff’s work not only in the flavour of its title but in its combination of evocative layers of distorted scree and piercing bell-like tones, but it is Jaeger’s masterful pacing which really impresses, distorting the listener’s sense of time in a remarkable and compelling way.

Track List

  1. 1 Toxic Cosmopolitanism 25:02 Kassel Jaeger
  2. 2 Exposure Scales: Combat 4:48 Kassel Jaeger Buy
  3. 3 Exposure Scales: Sunlight 5:28 Kassel Jaeger Buy
  4. 4 Exposure Scales: Tide 5:44 Kassel Jaeger Buy
  5. 5 Exposure Scales: Poison 7:06 Kassel Jaeger Buy

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