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Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell
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February 2013
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Visionary Warp producer and singer Jamie Lidell provided another essential collection on this self-titled full length, which followed on from 2010’s ‘Compass’. Over eleven tight and muscular cuts, Lidell further explores the highly charged soul-pop sound that he’s made his own, with mechanical and human elements working in perfect synergy.

‘You Naked’ bottles up a funky lust with real slickness, with a taut slap bass and ticking cowbells framing a full-bodied vocal to overpowering effect, while ‘You Know My Name’ opens with a huge rave breakdown which relaxes into a Prince-esque strut. There are more introverted slow burners too, with ‘Don’t You Love Me’ nailing a crooning soul ballad and adding unexpected bursts of dissonant brass and glockenspiel, and ‘why_ya_why’ constructing more of a sonic assault on top of a downtempo groove and sultry jazz trumpet.

Production prowess aside, it is still Lidell’s strident vocal delivery throughout which gives the work its substantial bite. On ‘What A Shame’ Lidell’s tone is sharp enough to cut through a fog of noise, glittering space-age synths and huge dubstep beats, while he channels Michael Jackson on ‘In Your Mind’ with a physical delivery backed by a vocoded choir of his own samples.

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  1. 1 I'm Selfish 4:53 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  2. 2 Big Love 4:44 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  3. 3 What A Shame 4:37 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  4. 4 Do Yourself A Faver 4:07 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  5. 5 You Naked 4:48 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  6. 6 why_ya_why 3:34 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  7. 7 Blaming Something 4:40 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  8. 8 You Know My Name 4:18 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  9. 9 So Cold 3:56 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  10. 10 Don't You Love Me 4:16 Jamie Lidell Buy …
  11. 11 In Your Mind 4:23 Jamie Lidell Buy …

Jamie Lidell

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