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contact, love, want, have
contact, love, want, have
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April 2010
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Armed with a formidable cache of intricately programmed bleeps, tough drum patterns that flirt with dubstep, house, R&B, juke and electro flavours, Ikonika finally touches down on Hyperdub with her debut LP. A sizzling foray into half remembered arcade game melodies and heart stopping synthetic drama welded to genre-hopping tempos primed up for the floor and the soul. A mesmeric piece of work inspired by a thousand and one things but sounding defiantly twenty-first century, triumphantly Ikonika.

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  1. 1 ikonklast (Insert Coin) 2:21 Ikonika Buy
  2. 2 idiot 4:57 Ikonika Buy
  3. 3 yoshimitsu 3:48 Ikonika Buy
  4. 4 fish 4:36 Ikonika Buy
  5. 5 r.e.s.o.l. 4:42 Ikonika Buy
  6. 6 they are all losing the war 4:46 Ikonika Buy
  7. 7 millie 4:39 Ikonika Buy
  8. 8 sahara michael 4:22 Ikonika Buy
  9. 9 continue 2:39 Ikonika Buy
  10. 10 heston 4:40 Ikonika Buy
  11. 11 psoriasis 4:26 Ikonika Buy
  12. 12 video delays 4:55 Ikonika Buy
  13. 13 Look (Final Boss Stage) 3:56 Ikonika Buy
  14. 14 Red Marker Pens (Good Ending) 3:50 Ikonika Buy


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