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Mort Garson
Music from Patch Cord Productions
Sacred Bones Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 6, 2020

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Music From Patch Cord Productions collates a selection of rarities, curios and versions from the annals of cult synthesiser music composer Mort Garson. Some of the pieces here are drawn from works that Garson released during his lifetime. ‘Theme From Music For Sensuous Lovers Part I’ is a churning synthscape that Garson wrote as a quasi-accompaniment to 1969 book The Sensuous Woman; ‘Son Of Blob Theme’ is a charming piece of sci-fi whimsy taken from a 1972 film; there are alternate takes of cuts from Garson’s beloved Mother Earth’s Plantasia LP, an early classic of discreet music which has continued to gather fans in the years since its 1976 release (particularly in the wake of a 2019 reissue from Sacred Bones).

Other numbers on Music From Patch Cord Productions offer the listener insight into Garson’s creative practice. For instance, there is some confusion as to whether the ‘Music For Advertising’ tracks included here were ever actually used in commercials, or if Garson simply set himself the task of composing music which might one day be used to sell something. Either way, these miniature synthesiser symphonies are superb examples of Garson’s endlessly inventive craft and a belief in how the otherworldly tones of the Moog might shape the musical future. It’s an approach which places him alongside fellow synthesiser music pioneers Jean-Michel Jarre, John Carpenter and Suzanne Ciani.

This Sacred Bones compilation Music From Patch Cord Productions stands as a testament to the weird and wonderful sonic worlds that early electronic composer Mort Garson was able to conjure from his Moog instrument.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Is He Trying to Tell Us Something? (Instrumental) Mort Garson 3:27 Buy

    Is He Trying to Tell Us Something? (Instrumental)

  2. 2 Rhapsody in Green ( Alternate Take) Mort Garson 2:05 Buy

    Rhapsody in Green ( Alternate Take)

  3. 3 Baroque No. 2 Mort Garson 2:14 Buy
  4. 4 This Is My Beloved Mort Garson 3:04 Buy

    This Is My Beloved

  5. 5 Music for Advertising #1 Mort Garson 1:02 Buy

    Music for Advertising #1

  6. 6 Music for Advertising #2 Mort Garson 1:03 Buy

    Music for Advertising #2

  7. 7 Music for Advertising #3 Mort Garson 1:06 Buy

    Music for Advertising #3

  8. 8 Killers of the Wild Mort Garson 1:04 Buy

    Killers of the Wild

  9. 9 Realizations of an Aeropolis Mort Garson 2:07 Buy

    Realizations of an Aeropolis

  10. 10 Music for Advertising #4 Mort Garson 1:05 Buy

    Music for Advertising #4

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