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Denis Sulta
Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd
Ninja Tune
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November 8, 2019


Denis Sulta has always been a proud Glaswegian, but rarely has the DJ/producer let his roots show as strongly as he does in this record. While calling your record Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & Theay Listenhd might melt the minds of those used to speaking the queen’s, nigh-on all listeners should be able to get on board with the house productions they find within.

After a short, wry introductory track, Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & Theay Listenhd gets things going with ‘Gas Whillis (While I Paint My Nails)’. While Sulta may now be releasing records on Ninja Tune, the nasty jack of this track shows that he hasn’t forgotten his roots - this is the sort of thing that would have slotted nicely into one of the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams EPs that Sulta got together in the mid-2010s. The same applies to ‘It’s Tough, But Not As Much As The Dream Is Worth (Joseph)’ and ‘Dan (wll SOME day KNOW How Special He Makes Me Feel)’, both tunes helmed by distorted drum machines and insistent four-to-the-floors.

The mid-section of Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & Theay Listenhd finds Sulta at his most melodious. ‘ForTee’ and ‘Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie’ feature some particularly pleasant synth work, their arpeggios spilling out over the beats in a way that recalls early Jon Hopkins. However, for all the pretty harmonies rhythm remains Sulta’s ultimate focus here, with drums in full effect once more.

Denis Sulta stans his home city, his early work and his musical development on debut LP Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & Theay Listenhd.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 In~Narito 2:04 Buy
  2. 2 Gas Whillis (While I Paint My Nails) 6:10 Buy
  3. 3 ForTee 6:08 Buy
  4. 4 I'm Not Always Right, So I Listen 4:24 Buy
  5. 5 Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie 6:42 Buy
  6. 6 It's Tough, But Not As Much As The Dream Is Worth (Joseph) 9:10 Buy
  7. 7 Dan (wll SOME day KNOW How Special He Makes Me Feel) 7:03 Buy
  8. 8 Welcome, To The Rest Of My Life 1:24 Buy

Denis Sulta

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